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France, 2024, 1h 15min
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Uchronietzsche Parabolique is a captivating film that explores an alternate version of history in which Friedrich Nietzsche, the legendary philosopher, is transported to a parallel universe. In this new reality, Nietzsche finds himself in a world that mirrors his own philosophical ideas, where concepts of power, morality, and the meaning of existence are twisted and distorted.

As Nietzsche navigates this strange and surreal world, he encounters a cast of characters who challenge his beliefs and force him to confront the consequences of his own philosophy. Through a series of philosophical debates and existential crises, Nietzsche is forced to question his own beliefs and confront the darker aspects of his own ideology.

As the film progresses, Nietzsche is forced to reckon with the consequences of his philosophy and the impact it has had on society. Ultimately, Uchronietzsche Parabolique is a thought-provoking exploration of the power of ideology, the nature of reality, and the consequences of our own beliefs.

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